Today marks the first week done and dusted of my 90 day fitness experiment. I have to say i am enjoying myself so far!

Here are my statistics for the week.


As you can see above, i completed 2 x actual runs (the other “runs” were  me walking around whilst i was working out) a 4km and a 6km. I am very happy with both of these runs, considering a week ago i was struggling to finish 2km! Not concerned with the pace for now, i am just trying to get some volume into my legs.

I also completed a 30km bike ride on the Sunday to round off my 3 x cardio sessions for the week! See the below. On the return trip home from the beach, my phone died 🙂 thats why it only says 8km!

Now, into my weights training!

This was Mondays full body workout – A.

Wednesdays – Workout B

Fridays workout – back to the A routine – I had a busy Friday afternoon so i skipped the accessory arm exercises!

As you can see above, i am steadily increasing my strength on all of my compound movements. From Mondays workout to Friday my bench and overhead press increased 2.5kg and my squat by 5km, i was also able to do a few more chin ups! Fantastic.

All in all i am very happy with this weeks progress and how i am feeling. I am going to keep progessively increasing the weight until i plateau, then i may deload or mess around with the rep ranges, havent thought that far ahead! I feel stronger and fitter already. I am enjoying my workouts and the runs are feeling smoother and not as painful.

The scale weighed in at exactly the same weight as last week! not realllly the result i wanted, but to be fair this week for me was just about dialling in my training. This next week is where i am going to count my calories and add the diet part into the equation. Plus, the scale is just a number, i feel fuller, lighter and most importantly feel better overall.

Next week i will do some 2 week progress pictures!!

Thank you for reading this 🙂 please feel free to comment, share, follow and like!

Until next week

Mitch ❤


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