Today marks the second week of my journey.

How has this week felt? This week has been awesome, have felt great. All of my lifts have gone up (as you’ll see below) and i am feeling stronger, fuller and more capable physically.

I have had a fairly busy week and whilst my gym workouts have been strong, i slacked off on my cardio. I only managed one decent cardio session, a 5km run. See the below.


I did plenty of walking and my job is laborious, but i intend to get back to 3+ cardio sessions a week and really dialing in my cardiovascular fitness.

My Sunday morning weigh in again was underwhelming, 2nd week in a row my weight has stayed the same. Not stressed about this as my cardio game has been lacking and i haven’t fully transitioned into dropping my calories yet. More focused on feeling strong for now and building my base for the next few weeks.

Below is this weeks workout progression.

Mondays full-body work out – I added a bunch of accessory moves during this workout as i had the time and was feeling good! Strong sesh to start the week.

Wednesdays big full-body compound workout – My barbell bench-press is up 2.5kg from last week. I am able to do more chin ups, my over head press is up 5kg and my squat is up 2.5kg. All felt pretty heavy, but feeling good.

Fridays full-body workout – Leg press is up quite a bit, it is a machine so i feel very strong on this move . Dead lifts up. As you can see from Monday i am able to get more reps of 30kg dumb-bell press up, yay! Lateral raises i added a few more reps. All in all i am very happy with all of my lifts and how i am progressing.

Weighing in at 88kgs (194pds) i feel as if i am going to plateau soon with some of my lifts! but that is a good thing and i am looking forward to seeing how far i can push my strength!

Time for some physique updates –

Front 8/12/19

me 2 weeks

Back 8/12/19


Side 8/12/19

side 2 weeks

2 weeks in and as you can imagine, its almost impossible for me to see much of a visual change. I am feeling fuller in the chest, arms and my stomach feels tighter. But aesthetically i think there would be negligible difference.

At one month, i will do a side by side with day one to compare.

How am i feeling emotionally?

Very good, i think the training and an actual goal has been fantastic for me. I am enjoying the simplicity of training full body 3 times a week and locking in that routine. I feel good after my workouts and i think regardless as to how my body translates after 90 days, i will continue just for these benefits. I try and hit a quick sauna sesh after my workouts, this may help with my overall contentment too!

That’s all i have for today, overall i think it has been a good week in the gym! Next week i will report back with some increased cardio.

I hope you enjoyed this update, feel free to like, share and comment.

Until next time.

Mitch ❤

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