A man steps out of his work vehicle and takes a deep breath. He looks up at the trees lining the street of his favourite coffee shop. They were a little more beautiful than usual today for some reason. He closes the door and picks up his work bag.

He walks toward the coffee shop across the road, observing the dozen or so people smiling and laughing as they sip on their chai lattes. A smile almost sneaked its way onto his face.

“Hey mate, how are you?” people would ask as they pass him.

He always replies.

“I’m good thanks, how are you?”

This was how the conversations usually went most days.

But not today. Today, he turns to the cashier at his local coffee shop and says.

“I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be outside of my house. I feel a tight knot in my stomach and a shortness of breath, but thanks for asking.” He smiles a deep sad smile.

This makes the cashier visibly uncomfortable, of course. Yet, why did she ask the man how he was if she did not want to know the truth? Culture or social norms is the answer, as we know. Yet, is it not bizarre that we so regularly lie, even if on a small scale, all the time as a society?

Imagine how much less anxious we would all be if we just allowed ourselves to be anxious. No judgement or inner narrative catastrophizing the feelings and experience of being anxious. Just acceptance. This then would allow us either the space to move toward habits that permit us to experience positive emotions. Maybe even the ability to apply new mental framing that will over the long-term adjust our physiology, freeing up our subconscious.

Maybe, or maybe I’m talking shit. We can only try and improve our quality of life by trying new positive behaviours and patterns of thought.

Now then, a question to ponder if you wish. Take a second to watch or observe your thoughts. I then pose the question. Who is the watcher when you watch your thoughts?

It is you? Or is it the eternal, the universe manifesting itself through you and you are merely the lens. I certainly don’t know, feel free to let me know in the comments if you believe you do.

Anyway, smile you beautiful human, whoever you are. Know you’re loved, if not by anyone else, at least by me.

Until next time.

Mitch ❤

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