Today marks day 36 of my 90 day fitness challenge. I was supposed to check in on day 35, yesterday, however it was my birthday and had other priorities. So here we are.

Going to start off with a physique check in, not my usual front and back, but this will have to do. Taken 29.12.19 on my birthday at a water-park with my fiance and brother!


Now, my weeks training. It was Christmas this week and my partners family have Christmas eve and boxing day celebrations. So this week was almost a right off. Still, i managed 2 decent gym sessions, which isnt so bad. Still progressed with my strength gains too!

Monday 23.12.19

My bench press was feeling strong increasing my rep range from last week and my squat up 2.5kgs. Chin ups and over head press stay around the same, but this week for me is just about maintenance and seeing if i can gain whatever strength i can.

Friday 27.12.19

I have a minor right pec strain, so this session i still hit my target of benching 87.5kg! around my body weight. But did not want to over do it so i dropped the weight for the last set. My squat also felt really heavy and is up to 107.5kg. Over all pretty happy with this session.


Week overview –

Cardio – i did one cardio session and it was hard, bloated and hot. Ah well, least i got it in over christmas.


Felt good in the gym, strong. Ate too much over Christmas and had a good birthday. All in all a great week :). Back on the grind now and looking to progress into the next phase of my training. The pec strain means i am going to take it easy this week for chest movements, then go hard again the following week. We will see.

Just a quick update! next week back to normal.

Until next time.

Mitch ❤

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