Hello and welcome to The Growth Philosophy.

Today marks the 58th day of my fitness journey, a journey that i will continue hopefully for life and a journey that is hard physically but also emotionally and mentally. This past week or so has presented a few challenges which i will go over in this post.

Before i dive deep, below is this past weeks training regime.

As you can see above i did not train my usual Mon, Wed, Friday and instead made up for my Friday session on Saturday. I have increased my rep range and dropped the weight back on a few movements to increase my volume. I also enjoy training this way a little more than the heavier stuff.

Pretty piss weak on the training front this week. I did enough to feel like i haven’t gone backwards, but definitely didn’t push myself super hard. I will elaborate further below.

Physique update – Day one of this challenge i weighed in at 88.6kg. This weekend i was 91kg. Now, i hope this is muscle gain, but i think not. Below is my current physique as of today.

Sloppy, i currently have a sloppy rig. This will change, but i have to face the music and own up to the fact i don’t look or feel how i want to.

Sometimes as someone who trains in the gym, is over 6ft and has okay strength its easy to convince myself i’m all good and look great. I look fine in a tshirt. Then i look in the mirror shirtless and its a stark reminder that there is work to be done and i really need to start watching and monitoring what i eat. View the below sloppiness.



The mirror is often a tricky fickle bitch, some of us have great bodies and can’t see it. Always striving for more muscle or weight loss. Some are like me, stuck in the middle with an average body and can’t seem to put it all together. Either way i strongly believe there is one massive factor that most of us within the fitness community don’t speak enough about.

The mind.

This week i haven’t been at my best emotionally, blame whatever mood disorder i am currently sporting, but my motivation to train or be healthy has been at an all time low. I eat when i don’t feel good, its a form of escapism and its something i am only noticing as i get a little older, patterns formed over years. A lot of us do it, we don’t feel great so we look for that little buzz. Some of us go to drugs, some sex, some food.. some all of these things! (luckily not me). I will bounce back this week, i just need to show a bit of discipline and cook some meals, leave the bank card at home and process my emotions better.

The irony is, when i eat better i feel better, but when i feel bad i eat bad. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. This is an on going journey and i will keep striving and keep pushing myself until i get where i want to be. I want a body i am proud of and to be fit and strong. I want to be a leader within my family and community and someone worth knowing. I know fitness doesn’t necessarily translate to these things, but fitness matters to me and makes me a more confident, vibrant human being.

Anyway, life is a beautiful, confusing, sometimes tough ride and changing your lifestyle/physique is hard. I anticipated that and am grateful for these lessons. Please feel free to comment or reach out if you have any of your own comments or thoughts on your own path. Like and subscribe for more content!

I hope you enjoyed this update and know you’re loved wherever you are.

Until next time.

Mitch ❤

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