Friday 5️⃣

Hello friends, today is the first installment of Friday Five! I have the privilege of being able to consume many great podcasts throughout the week whilst doing my day job. This enables me to gain a varied range of information and knowledge, across many different genres. So here is a list of five different podcasts I found valuable this week!

Please feel free to provide feedback if you liked any of these and or any podcasts, YouTube videos or articles you found informative or that helped you grow this week! Please note – most of these are alternatively on YouTube if you do not use Spotify.

1# Modern Wisdom – Noreena Hertz

Loneliness is a silent epidemic that is really hurting the modern world “the modern cigarettes”. Interesting statistics in this one.

2# Joe Rogan Experience – Dr Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr

This one will be interesting to people who are interested in mental health and alternative means of treatment. Especially for war vets. I found this one particularly good.

3# Align Podcast – Tracy Duhs

A fascinating conversation about hydration and water. More interesting then it sounds. The water we are drinking out of the tap could potentially be harming us more than we know.

4# Joe Rogan Experience – Lawrence Wright

This will be of interest to people who are intrigued by religion, group thinking and specifically Scientology.

5# Modern Wisdom – Dr Andrew Steele

People who are interested in aging and how to reverse and potential “cure” humans of it will find value in this one. Very interesting. Can we possibly live forever one day?

These are in no particular order! I hope you enjoy some of these and benefit from them as I did! Until next time.

Mitch ❤️

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